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Taewa refers to the collection of varieties of Solanum tuberosum cultivated by the Māori for at least 200 years. There are many varieties of purple potatoes, all of which have a differing look and qualities.

The crop grown at Koukourārata are a variety known as whataroa. Whataroa, our taewa cultivar has a 300year-old history in New Zealand. It has never been genetically modified and has survived by growing quietly in Māori villages, community gardens and peoples back gardens since the arrival of Captain Cook.

Up until the late 19th century, Māori were growing these purple potatoes commercially. Weeding and maintenance are vital to our product quality. We are delighted to partner with the Department of Corrections in the care of our gardens. In return, we support workers to gain their Certificate in Horticulture through Lincoln University.

Like potatoes, taewa are a good source of carbohydrate and for this reason, provide energy and keep you full for longer. They are also a good source of vitamin C and contain dietary fibre and potassium at dietary significant levels. The coloured skin and flesh varieties contain higher levels of phytonutrients.

Taewa are good for boiling and steaming and have a sweet, nutty flavour and smooth texture. The skin is very tender so peeling is unnecessary. They are best crushed rather than mashed, make a great potato salad but are not good for roasting. Like all potatoes, they should be stored in a cool dark place to maintain quality.

For more information visit: www.hapai.org.nz 

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Hāpai produce is grown in Te Pataka of the Banks Peninsula, restoring a centuries old reputation as an abundant maara kai region. Our products combine the best of modern science with traditional Māori practice to create a genuine, heritage, spray and blight free crop of gourmet taewa – It’s about regenerating communities and creating kai sustainability and resilience. Hāpai is local, fresh, sustainable, ethical and natural.

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