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Kina Roe - packed in 200gm punnets fresh or frozen.

Kina is a shell fish and lives in the sea along the ocean floor. In the warmer seasons five reproductive organs of mature kina swell with millions of tiny yellow-orange spheres, mutually known as roe.
This is found on the inside of the shell alongside the guts.

Kina spends the day wedged in the rocks, seaweed or somewhere sheltered and comes out to graze on algae at night.

Kina is found all over New Zealand and predominantly prefers a colder climate.  Many different species are found throughout the world varying greatly in size and colour. 

Raw kina roe is a traditional food of the Māori culture. The conventional method is to crack open the kina shell with a rock and take out the roe by hand then eaten raw. 



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Cando Fishing

Cando fishes for Kina at the bottom of New Zealand where the Kina has a reputation of being some of the best in the world. Cando fishing can catch, process and deliver any quantity of Kina that you may require, fast efficiently, with next day delivery to your door.

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