Cando Fishing

Cando fishes for Kina at the bottom of New Zealand where the Kina has a reputation of being some of the best in the world. Cando fishing can catch, process and deliver any quantity of Kina that you may require, fast efficiently, with next day delivery to your door.

Cando operates a 65 foot boat named San Nicholas. Three dingies (smaller boats) are located upon the boat and lifted on and off from a hijab also located on and attached to the boat. All divers free dive – which means they are not allowed air tanks. When diving, a net is attached to the end of rope floated by a boy. The dingies drivers pull up the net filled with kina while throwing an empty net back in, before placing the kina within a dolav. An estimate of a 10 net load fill a dolav and on average the boat brings home 35 dolavs. Sometimes over 40 dolavs. With three or four divers plus an equivalent amount of dingy boys – the operation of the Cando fishing vessel takes two days to complete.




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